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Dan Russell & the CCI Team
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Who We’re Not
Turning Point stands 100% behind the satisfaction of our clients and we guarantee our work. As in, we issue a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Because we put so much skin in the game, we’ve got a few requirements of our own.

It’s not just about the money

We want you to make more money, but be prepared to grow as a human being in addition to growing your bottom line.
You must be coach-able
We’re not interested in talking to a brick wall. To work with us, you and your team must be self-reflective, willing to learn and ready to implement change.
We have expertise in marketing

…Yet we are not a marketing or advertising agency. We have backgrounds in business finance, yet we are not your financial advisors, accountants or legal eagles. We mentor our clients to facilitate their own business upgrades. You may need to collaborate with your professional teams when implementing new strategies.

This is not therapy

We implement various coaching and therapeutic techniques to fit the needs of our clients at any given time. We don’t simply delve into the past, we go forward. So we won’t talk about your mother, unless she’s your CFO.

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