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Decide to succeed.

We'll give you the
tools to THRIVE.

It’s changed my business and life and everyone around me can see it.

Founder & CEO, Evolve Health & Wellness

Personal Turning Point

Entrepreneurs have an amazing light. We’ve noticed that the greater the light, the greater the shadow. Your strengths as a business owner could also point to your weaknesses. Often it’s the flip side of the same coin. So what makes you succeed could play a direct part in what makes you fail. 

But you don’t have to fail.
You can choose to THRIVE.

I went from working non-stop, 7 days a week, to focusing on the Highest And Best Use of my Time. This refocus has increased sales by over 25%. If I had to change one thing, it would have been doing this 30 year ago. I wasted so much time running in circles. There’s no comparison to the quality of my life now.

Cliff Richmond

CEO, Richmond's Landscape Construction Inc.

A Bit of Background

Who You Are

You’re past your start-up phase, but you’re not yet a Fortune 500. You’ve been in business for at least 10 years and have a minimum of 10 employees. You know that as an owner, there’s so much riding on your shoulders. You may feel like you’re pedaling on a stationary bicycle going uphill. If something falls apart, it’s your name on the line. Your livelihood. Your responsibility.

The struggle is real. And we understand it.

What You Want

To live with purpose above and beyond making money. The ability to create soulful family relationships, and the time to enjoy them.
A profitable, sustainable asset that can be sold or handed down to a future owner, not dumped or frittered away. Effective marketing, sound business systems and satisfied clients.
An inspired team that acts like adults instead of pre-teens. You want business relationships that are encouraging, not depleting.
You want more freedom to enjoy life’s journey. In short, you want to make your numbers, and to make it to your kid’s little league game.

Our Approach

We’re holistic in our approach, which means we deal with a “whole list” of issues. Personal goals and disappointments, business dreams and setbacks, bring ‘em on. We take our tested and proven curriculum and customize it to your needs. Throughout the Turning Point we laugh, we cry, we dream and do our due diligence. It’s a journey toward freedom and health.

But here’s what we’re not >>

Jeff Jeffrey


Turning Point empowered me to finally have difficult conversations I was avoiding with family members about their future in the company. I never would have had the courage to make changes in staffing, systems and my personal life without the support I received. IRMCO has been in business for over 100 years and we just had our best year ever. We’ve grown 10-15% every single year that we’ve worked with Turning Point.

A taste of what you’ll do
in a Personal Turning Point

The process

This powerful document encompasses everything in your life. It defines your life’s purpose, core values, then makes it real with a quarterly action plan. We’ll map out the whole picture: from parenting goals with your basement dwelling 22-year old to launching your e-commerce website.

Using our unique assessment, we delve into the value of your company as a sell-able, sustainable asset. You’ll determine key areas of improvement that will produce the highest ROI. “Whether you plan to sell or keep, an asset you shall reap!”

Business owners often find themselves trapped in doing the important AND urgent tasks as opposed to working strategically. We articulate your HABUT so you can work where you’re most effective and get you away from those never-ending email threads.

Our agenda is to get you thinking proactively. Whether you plan on staying in the company for another few decades or want to retire within the year, we work with you to map out next steps for your leadership team. 

After decades of research, both formal and empirical, we’ve built a simple, daily program that’s proven to increase your emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. You’ll be assigned simple, daily actions which rewire your thinking. It’s better than coffee. 

Build your leaders from within with a practical, step-by-step career development plan. Not everyone will be on the executive team, but anyone who is motivated can advance. 

During your Turning Point retreat you’ll go through the 10 Gates of Unstucking. You will discover your New Way of Being, your new modus operandi as an individual and business owner.  

And More!

Are you ready for your Turning Point?

Russ Weeks
President, Week Funeral Homes
Although I was a CEO, I often acted as a CFO, Chief Fill-In Officer. I was constantly working in my business, not on it. During our work with Turning Point, we operationalized many key areas of the business and increased our team’s productivity and drive. In our slow growing industry, we’ve managed to increase our profitability by over 45%. The company is growing, sustainable, and less dependent on me. I took off 9 weeks off this year, more time than I’ve ever taken off in 20 years.